Quality policy

Using the latest technologies in construction and management, MonolitStroy LLC always astrives to achieve high quality and reaches new levels of success every time.Using the latest technologies in construction and management, monolitstroy always astrives to achieve high quality and reaches new levels of success every time.
Our standards are based on the internationally acknowledged methods. Starting with project development and ending with construction, MonolitStroy LLC complies with all requirements of quality management due to constantly controlled working processes and applies the best and newest technologies in realization plans, in processes, technical assignments and main project plans.
Every detail of the completed project or project in progress is scrutinized, repeatedly analyzed and innovative engineering decisions are constantly examined and developed with the understanding of better and more efficient results attainment.
In developing our prosperity, the company rests on its main internal resource in the form of its employees and productivity to create the sources of stability.
Being aimed at client satisfaction and constant development, abiding modern standard qualities at every stage of production, preserving competitiveness, efficiency and profitability of goods, the company continues working with adherence to ethical canons of the environment in which it carries out its activities.
Labour safety and health of employees is the main priority of MonolitStroy LLC. By creating safe
and healthy working conditions, our company aims at minimizing the probability of accidents and injury occurrences. «Without accidents» policy is both the goal and achievement of our company. MonolitStroy LLC pursues continuous policy of safety and creation of healthy work environment for protection of partners and all employees in offices and on sites. This policy implies protection of people who may face any danger and accidents during work.
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In execution of the environmental protection policy, MonolitStroy LLC sticks to the preservation method and improvement of the quality of life, as it shapes its presence in order to minimize the damage that can
be inflicted to the environment in connection with its activity.