About us

In finding the most correct solutions MonolitStroy LLC company measures up to the expectations of quickly developing modern world. By aiming achievement at the highest level of work, competitiveness and development this company keeps on moving in the intended direction, using currently acquired experience and success.
Construction demands respect and loyalty towards project concepts. MonolitStroy LLC keeps achieving more and more success by not sacrificing the quality of the executed work, but acting within accuracy limits in all projects, performed earlier and realized by the company at the moment. Work of every employee participating in all stages of every project is supported by dedication, cooperation and teamwork. MonolitStroy LLC assigns high priority to personnel management and corporate integration for unification of the available potentials and new possibilities in the most effective and constructive way. Keeping an eye on emerging innovation technologies, materials and solutions, MonolitStroy LLC observes their development and uses them in the most effective way in its projects.

MonolitStroy LLC is aimed to further advance the matters of stable growth perspective and production according to the international standards, resting upon the principle of the uncompromising quality at every stage of its projects and in every detail. With every project executed or being realized in Russia nowadays MonolitStroy LLC takes a step towards achieving this goal.

Due to high professionalism and vast experience that we demonstrated in different areas of construction industry, we render qualitative services to our clients. We believe that being always aimed towards improvement of quality of life and increase of the significance of life with every finished project, we constantly multiply the meaning of our corporate prosperity. We are targeted at atisfaction of our clients and by signing new construction projects we are glad to share this satisfaction with you.